What We Do


We currently work with 3 local schools (Pirniehall PS, Craigroyston PS and Craigroyston Community High School). Our staff work in schools in partnership with staff and we offer a range of support to pupils.


In our primary schools we

  • Run lunchtime craft and games groups that children in P6 & 7 can drop into
  • Have a weekly Scripture Union group in each school for P6 & P7
  • Offer 1:1 support to a number of pupils that the school identifies, supporting with emotional health and behaviour
  • We co-lead a Seasons for Growth group regularly in one primary school, offering support to those affected by bereavement and/or loss
  • In the summer term we support P7s moving up to secondary school by running enhanced transition groups as well as offering tailored individual support for some P7s
Seasons of growth


In Craigroyston Community High School we….

  • Facilitate a lunchtime Drop In for S1-S3’s where they can come along with friends and chat to leaders about any issues or worries, have lunch together with snacks provided and play board games
  • Offering counselling sessions with a qualified counsellor 1:1 one day a week
  • Offer 1:1 support for young people identified by Pupil Support Leaders, who would benefit from someone to listen, support and work through concerns and issues


Our main youth groups (DIME) have been established in the area since 2001. We now have approximately 60 young people from S1-S6 each week attending the different groups. During COVID we changed to run more, smaller groups throughout the week. We found this works really well and will continue to do groups this way.

Our youth groups are called DIME. Currently we run groups as follows…

  • S1 5 – 6pm Wednesday
  • S2 5-6pm Thursday
  • S3 6.30 – 7.30pm Thursday
  • S4 8 – 9pm Thursday
  • S5- S6 8-9pm Tuesday
  • S5/S6 football group 6.30-7.30 Tuesday

These groups allow young people to come and have a safe space to spend time with their friends and our leaders, to take part in activities including baking, crafts, sports and games. We spend time each week in small groups, exploring bigger questions in life and exploring the Bible together. We have regular small group trips throughout the year.

In addition to our Thursday night group, we offer smaller groupwork regularly, including…

  • Romance Academy (a course exploring relationships and sexual health)
  • Youth Alpha (exploring life’s big questions)


We are able to offer 1:1 mentoring and support to a number of young people. This can be flexible in frequency depending on the nature of the support needed. We can respond promptly to offer help and a listening ear in times of crisis and we work closely with schools and other agencies as appropriate. Often this support is initiated at the request of the young person or their parent/guardian.


We offer annual residential weekends for all of our young people. Residentials are a hugely important part of what we do and are a highlight of the year for young people. These offer opportunities to try new activities, build resilience and self esteem and ultimately have fun!

We currently have a Primary overnight in June with our P6’s and 7’s at Scoughall in East Lothian. We have our secondary residential in the autumn with our S1 – S6’s. Due to our numbers we had planned to have two residentials, one in October for S1-S3 and then in November for our S4 – S6.

‘It was difficult at first, adapting to the changes but speaking with my worker from FYP every few days has made it easier. They’ve shown me ways to occupy myself and keep myself busy during these times. The daily walks have helped the most.’

Young Person (15)