After, what felt like a very bleak year we were extremely excited to be able to offer the 3 local primary schools an activity day at Lendrick Muir as part of the P7 transition. We took 4 bus loads of up to 120 kids to Lendrick Muir over 3 days and there was much excitement. The young people got the opportunity to do activities such as the ‘King Swing’, ‘Leap of Faith’, ‘Low Ropes’, ‘Gorge walking’, ‘Bouldering’ and ‘Biking’. The young people were encouraged to think about resilience and during the activities they got the chance to test their resilience and encourage their friends as they tried out new activities and put their fears to the test.

The activities days were made possible by a successful application to the Education Recovery Fund and we were pleased to be able to work in partnership with Muirhouse Youth Development Group and the staff at Lendrick Muir (SU Scotland) to deliver these activity days.